Small Acreage Farming and Ranching

Small Acreage Farming For Fun and Profit

Maybe the following or something like it fits you — 1) you live on five acres, you have a horse because your daughter used to ride it and now she is off to college and now it just sits in it’s stall and paddock. 2) You have two acres with your house, garage, maybe a barn, and over an acre of grass you have to mow twice a week. 3) You have 35 acres with a couple of cows, a horse or two, a pond you never do anything with, and a sprinkler system that hasn’t worked for years!

If any of the situations above or something like them fits you, and you just know you could be doing something better with your property and your time. You are right!

Mountain Sky Ranch and CEED have a solution for you that can be fun, make you some money, and can help make the planet more sustainable and a better place for you and your family for generations to come. We can help you become sustainable small acreage farmers and/or ranchers. You could make thousands to tens of thousands of dollars of extra income per year from farming your land, and you may be able to do it without doing any of the work yourself. That’s right! You provide the land and minimal financial resources, and we can arrange the labor if you so desire. Pretty cool!! We call this stewardship farming – the perfect access and sharing economy mix.

There are a number of ways you can find out about this exciting opportunity for you and your property.  We can provide a wide variety of free information for you here and on our other CEED websites.  We offer a variety of webinars and online courses that can add more to your knowledge level, and finally probably the best way for you to get started is to come to Mountain Sky Ranch in the shadow of the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains for a weekend of hands-on learning about sustainable agriculture that you could use on your small property. We hold small acreage workshops at our beautiful valley ranch regularly that you can attend. These workshops include a comfortable mix of food and drink, lecture type instruction, social and recreational activities, food and drink, get your hands dirty physical work, and did I say food and drink.

We can also do these workshops on your property and can even show you a way to make profit for yourself from your own workshop by inviting other friends or acquaintances to pay for gaining knowledge for themselves.  We will help you market these on-farm workshops. What could be better – get $$$thousands of hands on experience and a design for your own location and not only do it for FREE, but make some money also! Learn more about this opportunity on our Restoration Agriculture Development site.

Topics we will cover in workshops will include, but not be limited to:

  1. Turn your dusty, weed infested paddock/pasture into a productive sustainable livestock rearing area.
  2. Use aquaponics in your house, garage, or barn as a year around food production technology.
  3. Design, construct and operate a seasonal market garden. Make thousands of dollars and do little of then physical work yourself, if you so choose.
  4. Learn about alternative livestock species you can culture on an acre or less.
  5. Learn about the use of agroforestry as a restoration and long-term profit opportunity.
  6. Design your land use on your property to maximize water utilization and ecological design.
  7. What are the tax considerations of small acreage sustainable agriculture.
  8. How can you creatively market your goods and services.
  9. How to use and conserve water on your property.

All of these workshops are conducted in the context of our beautiful Mountain Sky Ranch, where we have hiking, biking, fishing, climbing, shooting, wildlife viewing, and other creative outdoor and indoor activities. Or, in the comfort of your own location along with your friends and local neighbors.  How good is that.

You can book your Small Acreage Sustainable Agriculture webinar, online course, or Workshop online or you can contact us at 303-495-3705 or at We also have a number of other educational opportunities you might enjoy, and if you would like to visit us privately or with a group, please check out our variety of lodging, events and agritourism options.