Hunting and Guard Dogs

Mountain Sky Ranch is the home of Mountain Sky Retrievers, a breeding and competition business.  We have owned, bred and competed with Golden Retrievers and Brittanies for over 40 years.  Our Ranch property was chosen specifically because of its water rights and its field training grounds attributes.

Field Event at the Ranch

We have groups of retriever trainers from around the country visiting and training at our property on a year around basis, and we have several competition events each year at the Ranch.  We have hosted the Flat Coat Retriever Club regional working certificate competition, the irish setter national field championships, and the Mile High Golden Retriever Club winter training series.  We thank each and everyone who has ever trained here at the Ranch for their support of our efforts.

If you would like to come and train on our premier grounds, get in touch with us to book a time.  We have been told many times that we have some of the best training grounds in the Rocky Mountain region.

We hope you consider one of the few dogs/puppies we have for sale on a periodic basis, or at the very least just call us at 303-495-3705 and schedule a time to come and visit us. You can also email us at .

We always have guard dogs here at The Ranch.  We currently have three Great Pyrenees (Mylie, Cody and Buddy) who have one of the toughest jobs on the property.  They are responsible for protecting all of our alpacas, goats and chickens from mountain lions, coyotes, bears, bobcats, feral dogs, and more.  Yes we have all of those predators here.  And yes, our dogs are phenomenal.  In over eight years we have never had an alpaca injured by a predator.  We do lose a chicken now and then, but it is rare.

Yet, these three dogs are the biggest “cuddling” people friends you could ever imagine.  They truly are our heroes here at The Ranch.