The Ranch is managed day to day by Deb and Wayne Dorband, who also proudly reside at the Ranch.  We are very passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle and promoting the philosophy of sustainable agriculture.  Living and working here at the Ranch helps us “walk the walk” of what we believe and teach.

Our Market Garden in the Summer

So what is sustainable agriculture to us at the Ranch.  It is a lot of things, but most of all it is having the Ranch become an ecological legacy, where we leave the land better when we leave it than it was when be first arrived.  It is the three P’s of Profit, Planet  and People.  We love the beautiful place where we live  and work and we want to demonstrate that love to others, educate others how they can live similar lifestyles, and honor this wonderful planet and its Creator by our little bit of stewardship.

There is a lot to see here on our site and on our other websites.  Please visit often and we know we will add value to your lives.  Thanks for letting us tell you a little about us, and we would really like you to come and visit us here at the Ranch.  Click here for directions, call us at 303-495-3705 or email us at waynedorband@gmail.com .  We look forward to meeting you!

Some people brag about their big fish, we are proud of our healthy roots in our aquaponics systems