Have you ever thought about moving “to the country” and eliminating the traffic, crowding, stress and other issues of city life?  But you subdued that thought because you were scared about just how you might react living in the country. Maybe you would not like being with “wild animals”, maybe working with farm animals would not be that fun, maybe you would not want to be quite as isolated from your neighbors?  Well, I think we can help you deal with some of those questions.  Come and visit Mountain Sky Ranch for a day or even longer, and we will expose you to many aspects of rural life that you can “try-out” and see if they suit you.

We have programs, events and workshops of all types that you can attend that could really give you a good taste of what it means to live and work on a farm or ranch.  We call this Agritourism.  It can offer you great fun, hard work, passionate love or many other feelings which you may not be able to predict unless you experience it.

Working Adventures

Come and spend a morning, an evening, a day or multiple days actually working right alongside our experienced Ranch staff as they undertake the maintenance, construction, and monitoring tasks or our commercial/reseach operations.  You can do as much or as little of the work that is involved as you would like.  This would be a great way for you to learn about sustainable farming and ranching.  If you are already involved with agriculture I know you will learn some things you have not previously known, and if you are new to this wonderful lifestyle, you will gain an understanding of some of the work that is involved.

Some examples of the kinds of working adventures you could have include:

  • Cleaning and mucking a reclaimed mobile home used as a barn for alpacas and fiber goats;
  • Monitoring oxygen and other water quality parameters in a variety of aquaculture and aquaponics systems;
  • Feeding livestock of many types found here at the Ranch;
  • Conducting a real “egg hunt” for range raised poultry;
  • Maintaining a commercial scale compost system;
  • Constructing new animal lodging systems;
  • Designing and/or constructing unique animal and plant culture systems;
  • Planting, weeding or harvesting organically grown edible plants from our market garden;
  • Managing livestock in portable and rotating grazing pastures;
  • Maintaining and monitoring ponds and stream ecosystems;
  • Assisting in birthing or caring for infant Ranch livestock;
  • Assisting in training for ranch show livestock, and;
  • Eating sumptuous lunches and snacks that taste so good when you have been working outside!!

Seminars and Workshops

We regularly hold seminars and workshops for various different topics related to sustainable agriculture.  Check with us about a one hour or up to one week seminar or workshop that might be of interest to you.  Contact us by phone at 303-495-3705 or by email at

Special Events for You or Your Group

We believe that our guests often know more about what they would like to be doing and learning while visiting us here at the Ranch than we do.  We are experts at designing custom experiences for you, your family, your company or your organization.  We can accomodate groups into the thousands for one day events involving agritourism.  These could include:

  • sustainability fairs
  • agritourism festivals
  • sustainable agriculture education events
  • climbing, running, fishing, biking, pasture golfing, etc. competitions
  • sales and auctions
  • others

let your imagination be your guide.  Our end of the road, valley location makes a variety of events easy to plan and facilitate.  Call us at 303-495-3705 or email at to strategize with us about your interests and needs.  We can make partnering with us very attractive.

Stone Collecting

We have recently initiated a very exciting agritourism opportunity you are not going to want to miss – Stone Collecting.  Click here for more specific information about this fun year around agritourism offering from Mountain Sky Ranch.


Would you like to catch a trophy rainbow trout (4-6 pounds and larger) on a dry fly as the sun sets on a marvelous Colorado evening? Would you like to learn to fish effectively for trout, bass or catfish so fishing is not a chore for your when you go with buddies?   How about bringing your young boy or girl to get the experience of catching fish after fish (the way kids learn to love fishing) in the beauty of a mountain valley and not at a neon sign lit fish farm along a crowded highway?  Well you can do all of the above  and much more here at Mountain Sky Ranch.  Click Here to get more information or to make a reservation for our fishing agritourism opportunities here at the Ranch, or you can call us at 303-495-3705 or email us at