Pasture Golf

What in the Heck is Pasture Golf

Did you watch the British Open on TV at the Olde Course at St. Andrews?  Well if you let the grass grow a little bit on that course and added some hills to it, that would be what you would see for the Meadow Hollow Links at Mountain Sky Ranch.  This isn’t some manicured country club, this is golf at its core.  This is ecolonomic golf.  Minimal to no money is spent or carbon footprint increased by watering, daily grass mowing, fertilizer use, or greenskeeping.

Tee box for the 5th, 7th, 13th (can’t make up our mind) tee — it changes depending on how we set up the course for the day.

In pasture golf, you do not usually have to putt (there are not normally greens like you know them), each course has some of its own special rules, and there are no hazzards.  You only lose one stroke when you lose a ball, you can place your ball within two club lengths of where it is found (or not found – more about that later) and you play with a lot of trust in your opponents judgement.  Again, golf at its core and its finest.

The best thing is, you do not have to have any previous experience, you do not have to provide any equipment (we provide clubs, balls, tees, gloves, refreshments if you do not have your own), and you rarely need a tee time.  Now doesn’t this sound like fun.  It is, and you will tell your all your friends about it after you adventure on the Meadow Hollow Links (the MHL).  So what are you waiting for get on out here and play!!

The Course

The MHL can play with a number of different configurations depending upon how it is set up by the Course Flunky, I mean Superintendent (Dr. Wayne) on a daily basis.  Most days it plays as a par 72 eighteen hole venue at about 6500 yards (not quite Augusta, but close).  There is every type of hole you can imagine on a course. There are creekside holes, blind holes, holes over water, high elevation drops or gains on a hole, and unbelievable views.

One of the greens with our cart of choice – the Ranger

The Driving Range

If you just want to hit some balls or want to warm up for your round, the Meadow Hollow Links has two different driving ranges that are used for different events.  Again we provide the rangeballs and you can just hit away.

The Clubhouse

The Ranch Lodge and Event Center is also the course Clubhouse.  From the upper level deck and out in the rock garden area you can relax and watch the activities over the entire course.  Grab a beverage of choice, a friend to visit with, and maybe some binoculars, and enjoy the nineteenth hole after your round.

Tee Times and Green Fees

Usually you do not need to worry about them, but if you want to guarantee a time you can go to our Reservations pages or call us at 303-495-3705.  Bring your wallet to play the MHL (just kidding).  We provide omplimentary golf to all of our guest attending events or staying overnight with us at the Ranch.  If you are just coming out for the day or just to play golf we charge $7.00 for all you can play.  You can’t beat that price for golf many places!


The MHL can be played year round, but the prime seasons are spring and fall when the grass is not growing and the weather is unbelievable.  You can work with us at the Ranch management to schedule your own event.  The nice thing about pasture golf is that you can play a nine hole round in around an hour.  You can combine your golf with other activities and with a business theme if you would like.

Mountain Sky Ranch will be holding two tournaments each year at The MHL.  The fall tournament will be played in the October-November timeframe, and the spring tournament will occur in March – April.  Both tournaments will be fundraisers for the Institute of Ecolonomics, Nourish the Planet, and Right Way Sports (all non-profit’s actively supported by the Dorband’s and Mountain Sky Group, LLC).  Details for these two tournaments can be found here on the site when they are available.