Range Raised Chickens

Have you ever eaten a bue egg, a green one, or even a boring brown one?  If you haven’t you are missing a great treat.  Also, you are probably cheating your pocketbook.  Mountain Sky Ranch is passionate about teaching “every day Joes and Janes” that they can raise chickens in their backyards, and by doing that they will be producing food that is safe, delicious and local (duh!).  We teach courses, consult on commercial scale organic farms, and letterally work every day to figure out how our chickens and other green initiatives can improve the planet.

In 2015 we initiated an exciting new venture to commercially raise egg laying chickens and other birds. We have partnered with Sara Mayer to form Sara’s Pick of the Coop.  We have over 700 range raised hens of a variety of breeds.  Visit our website at www.saraspickofthecoop.com to learn more about this exciting sustainable sharing economy business at Mountain Sky Ranch.

We think raising chickens is one of the most subtle forms of sustainable agriculture that can be practiced.  We encourage you to call us at 303-495-3705 or email us at waynedorband@gmail.com to get more information about how you can get started with your own chickens at home – TODAY!!