Our Internal Ventures and Websites

Mountain Sky Ranch is a member of the Center for Ecolonomic Excellence and Development (CEED) group of companies, and each of our companies has a web presence.  The most notable of our websites include:

Mountain Sky Alpacas – our premier show/genetic improvement alpaca business located here at the Ranch.  We are excited about our many unique offerings that distinguish us from the pack in the alpaca industry.

Saras Pick of the Coop – Our range raised egg laying chicken farm.  We produce the most natural and highest nutritional quality eggs in the region.

Raisin Roots Farm – Our ~2 acre market farm where Ben and his staff practice sustainable market farming to produce over 80 plant varieties for the local food market.

Nourish the Planet – Our sustainability branding for education, research and development.  We help entrepreneurs work to make the planet better. This site has over 1000 original blog articles about topics you can use to become more sustainable in your life.

The Institute of Ecolonomics – The Ranch is now the home of Dennis Weaver’s legacy the 501C3 Non-profit Institute of Ecolonomics (IOE).  We help people make a little money making the planet better.

The GreenHackerSpace – The Ranch is also home to this outdoor/agricultural/construction hackerspace.  This Access and Sharing Economy strategy makes our land, equipment, supplies and knowledge available to aspiring entrepreneurs who can’t afford to have what they need to learn to be ecopreneurs, farmers, ranchers, or just tinkerers.

Our Video Site – We regularly conduct online webinars promoting the sustainable life.  We record these sessions and you can retrieve them at this site.  You will want to check this out.

Mountain Sky Retrievers – For 35 year we have raised, trained and bred retrievers and pointing dogs.  We are not frequent breeders, but we do have dogs for sale at periodically.

Hope for the Hopeless – Our Non-profit that works with places in the world where people are starving or mal-nourished.

Colorado Sandstone Quarries – We “stone farm” here at the Ranch for this incredible resource.  You will want to see this beautiful stone.

Our Friends and Partners – Check Them Out

We also have many partners and friends that we would like to endorse and promote.  We feel strongly about supporting our friends in their businesses.  We are sure we have missed some of our friends here (please remind us if we have) but here is a start of a list that you might want to check out.  We heartily recommend all of the following for your review:

Grace Place Church – A community oriented church where “making Grace the Main Thing is the Main Thing”. They have just moved to a brand new location on the western outskirts of Berthoud.  Check em’ out.

Saving the Green – Our partners and  friends from Ireland who are working to sell ecolonomic and green products to make the planet better.  Check out their new Cutting Globe product.

Impleatur – A partnership we have built to provide innovative access and sharing economy style business and marketing services.  We often work on a risk/reward basis with our clients.  Our slogan is – Our Work, Your Success!

Keyhole Academy – Our friends and partners in the real estate investment education field.  Our partner, Sherman Arnowitz, is a world leader in distressed mortgage investing and an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author.