Nature Watching

If it lives here in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, we have seen it here at the Ranch.  It would be very unusual to not see multiple large animal species here on any given day.  Deer, coyotes, fox, and rabbits are common.  We have had elk, moose, bear, mountain lions and bobcats on more than one occasion. 

An elk at the Ranch

There are hundreds of bird species depending on the time of the year, and wildflowers are abundant and changing with the seasons. The vistas and viewing areas are broad in our breathtaking valley environment.  You can lay on a rock, sit on a bench or rest against a tree as you take in the beauty around you. 

We know you are coming here to the Ranch to learn about sustainable agriculture or for some other reason, but wouldn’t you rather do this in a setting you will remember for your lifetime, and probably want to come back and visit again.  That is the beauty of Mountain Sky Ranch! 

Book a trip to see us or call us for more information at 303-495-3705, or email us at  You will not regret your decision to visit us here at the Ranch.