Mountain Sky at the Very First Denver County Fair!

Wow, can you believe it is 2011 and Denver is almost 150 years old and there has never been a county fair, until now. Maybe it took them a long while to have one, but they are making up for it by making it a great time for all.

So we brought some alpacas, our Nourish the Planet materials and we are now on thousands of Facebook pages in the Rocky Mountain area. What a great time we are having. Everyone wants to see the “cute” alpacas. We have three young boys who we had on the show circuit here with us – Bam Bam, Arctic, and Camo. They were huge hits with everyone. It never ceases to amaze me how little so many know about our amazing livestock breed.

This is an urban gathering with most people coming from the city. Most of them believe that you have to have many acres to have alpacas. Denver has recently passed ordinances that now allow residents to have goats and chickens, but what about alpacas. Are they legal? I would hope so, but I really do not know. Are they permissible in residential areas in your town? Why shouldn’t they be? Alpacas are quiet, they have minimal odor, they do not challenge fences, and are completely non threatening.

I know that the average urban backyard could support a pair of fiber boy alpacas. They would be good pets (not cuddly like dogs, but cute and safe – in my opinion much better than cats), they would be affordable ( much less annual cost than dogs), they would fertilize your lawn, mow your lawn, and give enough incredible fiber to make sweaters, hats and socks. How great would that be?

What are your thoughts on urban alpacas? What am I missing? Wouldn’t this be a great market for fiber animals, or even partnerships for owning breeding/genetic/show animals. Well, I have people stacked four deep wanting me to tell them about our amazing alpacas. I better go tell this tale.